Moving through and around your own tensions

Oftentimes we walk with huge excess tensions in our systems. Walking is such a basic movement, it seems. Yet, it expresses a whole lot about our inner state and attitudes. A “busy”, distracted and stressed mind shows itself immediately in the body by macro- and microtensions which hinder fluid movement.

Let’s take the example of unaware, stressed walking. You may realize that you press your stiff legs forward, instead of gliding along. Further down the line of excess tension, you may realize that this pressing forward happens through a thick layer of microtension at the front of your legs, into the direction of your destination.

As with any other activity in life, you have choices. And it is about the choice you take, which determines the process and outcome of that activity. And that this implies that it is not so much about “what” you do, but “how” and “why”.

The “how” in walking is quickly explained. You may have unconsciously taken the choice to walk stiffly, hectically, and falling from foot to foot, being frozen tension from the hips downward. But actually, it starts in the mind. That means, your outside and center frames are absolutely frozen (see Sharon Friedman’s post “Removing the Frame”). The “why” is that you are unconscious about it, on autopilot, moving along with your occupied and stressed mind, which governs you.

Awareness liberates. This is the first step. From here on, you can take another choice. The choice to visualize your tensions and gently move around them. Wiggle through them. Find big and small lumps, and maneuver them gently. This is as much a visualization as actual micromovements and tiny directional shifts in your legs, which you can generate with your nervous system. As I said, a good chance is  that walking shows you that tension is stuck in your frontal frame, that is, all body parts that are oriented to the front. Here especially the hips and legs.

Have fun and stay healthy!

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